The Smartphone With The Best Music Experience is?

We have a lot of selfie phones or even camera-centric smartphones out now like the Sony C series, the TECNO Camon series and maybe even the iPhone but how many smartphones actually cater for we the music lovers? I could name a few, The HTC M9, the iPhone 6s and the TECNO Boom J7, well that until the recently launched Boom J8 came on board  

Let’s look at them one by one;

The HTC M9

The HTC M9 has been around for a while. You barely need to be told that it’s a music smartphone as HTC compromised the design aesthetics for those powerful dual speaker grills occupying the top and the bottom.

When you're using the HTC One M9's built-in front-facing speakers, BoomSound is enabled at all times — but you do get the choice of two playback modes suited to different types of content. Theater mode is designed for video or movie playback, and is louder overall, though with a tendency to be a little tinny when playing music. Music mode is a little quieter — though still crazy loud overall — and emphasizes the low-end a bit more for richer bass.

To switch between the two modes, find the BoomSound notification in the notification shade while playing music or video. Alternatively, find it in the Settings app about halfway down the list, under the "Phone" subcategory.

Still Some tech blogs have sworn that HTC’s speakers didn’t quite live up to it’s initial first impression while others have made arguments for HTC, saying that it’s Active earphones which comes in the pack offers rich music experience. If the only music experience derived is while using the earphones. It seems HTC should have included more quality headphones in the pack.

The TECNO Boom J8

The Boom J8 is new Yes! It’s sexy looking Yes! It looks like the love child of the Samsung galaxy S6 and iPhone 6s Yes!

However, this slim metallic frame with the double loud speakers underneath could do some real damage when it comes to producing sound. When listening to music, I mean you could literally feel every pulse of the rhythm with the Boom Headphone which TECNO thoughtfully included in the pack. That’s right, the first smartphone to ship with a friggin’ Headphone!

When I saw some that a lot of celebrities already used and recommended the Boom J8 as a true music smartphone that stands out from the pack, I knew I had to check it out.

The Waves Maxx Audio is a unique feature of the Boom J8. It’s a suite of advanced audio enhancement tools from Waves plug-in that brings award-winning technologies to consumer electronics devices. Maxx Audio offers unparalleled sound performance, whether you're playing a game, watching a movie, listening to music, or using online voice communication. With clearer highs, enhanced bass, and increased volume, Maxx Audio provides a better listening experience on any device. Now, what sounded great in the studio will sound great on your device.

Boom Maxx optimizes your music to fit the earphones you’re using to give you the best sound.
I’d recommend the J8 earphone because of the superior audio experience is  both for listening to music, watching movies and making phone calls. There’s more, full range frequency response for rich bass which makes you feel the perfect mega bass. Let’s dance with the rhythm.

Boom J8 also comes with what some might call a gimmick, the “breathing light” located just beneath the 5.5” screen. What the breathing light does is pulsate to the beat of whatever song is playing. It’s probably suited for making your friends jealous and doing party tricks.

The iPhone 6s

Apple’s music experience is probably the most historic of the bunch dating as far back as the iPods and later iTouch’s. Apple has ruled the Music industry for quite some time now without much competition in the last decade or so…..well until now. The iPhone 6s, like it’s predecessor doesn’t struggle to be the loudest, just the crispiest.

Apple uses the simplest looking equalizer and there’s no Wave Plug-in or Boomsound. With iPhone 6s, you don’t have much of a choice how you like your rock or Jazz, everyone gets same thing.

The iPhone 6s is by far the most celebrated phone of the 3 because of its huge capture of the US market. A lot of iFans would kill me for this snarky remark about the almighty iPhone but listen people, those earpods(earphones) are great but have been re-used by apple for the past 4 years. I mean c’mon Apple, there has to have been some changes in the way we the users love to listen to music because 4 years is such a long time.


All three phones offer great listening experience but thanks to the Waves Maxx Audio which is a huge leap from what iPhone 6s offers in terms of customizing equalizer settings. The Boom J8 delivers deep bass and full range sound for a superior audio experience. The exquisite speakers and the headphone with Boom Maxx infuse to give you an excellent experience of mega bass. When you add this to the fact that the Boom Headphones that is included the in the pack has been widely praised and recommended by lots of celebrities for its exquisite sound, it’s certain that TECNO Boom J8 is sitting comfortably at the top of the Music Smartphone Ladder for 2016.


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