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LEAKED PHOTOS: Is Tecno Building A 4G/LTE Android Lollipop Phone?

A leaked image of an unnamed Android device branded by Tecno just got to us. From the looks of it, Tecno is probably still experimenting with the device as it appears to run Vanilla Android – an customized UI version of Android. But if you observe the on-screen icons at the bottom, it is definitely Android Lollipop 5.0. More photos reveal further details about the device. It features a dual flash camera. From what we gather, similar to the Tecno Boom music phone series, this range is all about camera. Our source on the inside also hints at the possibility of 4G/LTE connectivity support. From the below, our guess is that it will also feature a 5-inch screen. But like we said before, this is probably only a demo unit, so we can’t be sure. The prospects are exciting and should this phone see the light of day, we can expect to see more of this type of phone from Tecno. Source :

Nigerian Passport Can Take You To These 44 Countries Without Visa

I was discussing with a friend a few minutes ago about travels and how discouraging it was as a first time traveller to have to go through the hassle of embassy visits and visa processing especially when it's just for a vacation and/or retail shopping. Now if you're free spirited and just looking to travel out of Nigeria to see some new places or you need a quick getaway, you should know that with a  Nigerian international passport,  you can visit 44 countries around the world  VISA FREE  or  VISA ON ARRIVAL See the countries below 1. Bangladesh (Visa on arrival) 2. Barbados ( Visa free for 6 months) 3. Benin Republic ( Visa free) 4. Burkina Faso ( Visa free) 5. Burundi ( Visa on arrival for 30days) 6. Cameroon ( Visa free) 7. Cape Verde ( Visa on arrival) 8. Chad ( Visa free) 9. Comoros Island ( Visa on arrival) 10. Cote d’ivoire ( Visa free ) 11. Djibouti ( Visa on arrival ) 12. Dominican ( Visa free for 21 days ) 13. Fiji Island ( Visa free for 4 months) 14. G

Tecno Winpad 10 PC Pre-launch Interview

If like me,  you missed the Tecno WinPad 10 pre-launch interview on Inspiration FM,  you're in luck! I've had a lot of people ask me questions about the Tecno WinPad 10 2in1 tablet / laptop and I'm pretty sure this interview just about covers everything. Like you, a number of curious listeners called in to ask questions that you have been dying to ask. For the first time (and this can't be understated), Tech giants; Tecno, Intel and Microsoft are collaborating on a product. I listened to Jesse Oguntimehin from Tecno,  Womiloju Olabanji from Intel and Mark Ihimonya from Microsoft workforce gush about the Tecno WinPad 10's 2in1 Tablet/Laptop's capabilities.   Who's this amazing device actually for?    It's a flexible device that fits into every lifestyle. A light weight that does the work of a heavy weight.   How?   Enjoy this amazing 28 minute adventure into the unprecedented and phenomenal collaboration from Tecno, Intel and M

Konga is 3 years today! Enjoy A Month of Deals As Konga Celebrates!

Phones Computers Electronics Fashion Beauty Games Home & Kitchen Enjoy A Month of Deals As Konga Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary! It's the #KongaBIG3 as Nigeria's largest online mall celebrates three years of building a thriving E-commerce ecosystem. We are truly excited and grateful to you our darling customers for all your patronage and support. What better way to express our gratitude than to give you a piece of the action! On this note, we present to you One month of amazing deals across different sales promotions! Starting today, the 2nd of July 2015, you can enjoy a special deal each day from the marketplace from July 2 to 12. Also experience up to 90 percent discount across all product categories for items purchased between J