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Letter To My Unborn Daughter(s)

Dear (anything your handsome father and I decide to call you), First of all,I'd like to be the first definition of a best friend in your life,before any one else.Lest I forget, I have a picture of what you'll look like already in my head.You are going to be a little light in complexion,you must have dimples(whether artificial or natural),you will be extremely smart and intelligent(trust me on that).I think thats all I want you to inherit from me,you'll get the rest from your father.You are going to have the best hairstyles on,every week,proudly made by me;wear the best of clothes,sewn by me,just to show how talented your mama is.Mama is going to be a little strict sometimes,you might dislike me for this,but later in life you'll get to understand why.Trust me I'm going to be sweet at the same time(I told you we are going to be best of friends,remember?).  As you grow older(before you become a teen),men will begin to notice your beauty.Do not fret.It's norma

Why We Must Not Vote Buhari - Wole Soyinka

THE NIGERIAN NATION AGAINST GENERAL BUHARI By Wole   SOYINKA This intervention has been provoked, not so much by the ambitions of General Buhari to return to power at the head of a democratic Nigeria, as by declarations of support from directions that leave one totally dumbfounded. It would appear that some, myself among them, had been overcomplacent about the magnitude of an ambition that seemed as preposterous as the late effort of General Ibrahim Babangida to aspire yet again to the honour of presiding over a society that truly seeks a democratic future.     What one had dismissed was a rash of illusions, brought about by other political improbabilities that surround us, however, is being given an air of plausibility by individuals and groupings to which one had earlier attributed a sense of relevance of historic actualities. Recently, I published an article in the media, invoking the possible recourse to psychiatric explanation for some of the incongruities in conduct with

Check Your Breasts Today! #NoBraDay

In light of Today's trending topic-  #NoBraDay , there are a lot of misconstrued meanings and side attractions which are necessary for campaigns such as these to create awareness. Photos are compiled from faceless campaign promoters........Mostly! Yes, I believe I'm creating awareness for BREAST CANCER just incase, somehow you miss the underlying message of  #NoBraDay  along the way. And more......after the cut..... Rick Ross     Kanye and Kim Don't forget to check your breasts for any unusual feeling. PEACE! Men can also get Breast Cancer 

Let Us Live Together

We are all born different None of us are born the same We all come from different backgrounds We all have different mentality We all have different names But we are all having equal rights We are all the same We are united by God through man In Nigeria we believe In Nigeria we pride Whether you dark, fair or light in complexion Whether you speak Yoruba, Igbo or hausa language Nigeria is just but one Nation Even when we are troubled Nigeria is our home There is Unity in Diversity it is visible for we all to see But, there's one thing we all must believe in And that is "United we stand, divided we fall" Let us live together.

Yoruba Man Divorce Wife Because of Push-up Bra

A Yoruba man named SOJI IBRAHIM , has filed for divorce because he was tricked by the size of his wife boobs.  The 35 year old trader ended his marriage of two months to RASHIDAT because she has small boobs. in his words,  "It was her boobs that attracted her to me. I met her when she came to buy pepper from me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her big boobs." Ibrahim was shocked to discover his wife had been using push up bra after getting married to her. "oyan Rashidatu kere bi agbalumo" he said in Yoruba, which can be interpreted as  "Her boobs are small as Agbalumo (cherry)", he  further stated that he "detest those small size boobs. It is better to end the marriage."


8 July, 2014 at exactly 2052 hours, almost everyone in the world was watching the selecao, which is the Brazilian national football team recites her national anthem. Some of the players wept and even the fans were all moved with emotion.  Come back to Nigeria, daily we recite, sing or listen to the national anthem as the case maybe, but each time you listen or recite it have you ever been touched by the lyrics? You ever taken time to think deeply on the wordings and how it affects your daily activities? Let us take our time to look at the lyrics of the first stanza of the national anthem and then try to analyze it Arise O Compatriots! Nigeria’s call obey To serve our fatherland With love and strength and faith The labour of our heroes past Shall never be in vain To serve with heart and might One nation bound in freedom Peace and unity. “Arise o compatriots” this is a clarion call to the citizens of this great country to arise and reposition Nigeria to