Excerpts from The TECNO Boom J8 Launch and Unveiling of HiOS

If you didn’t hear about the TECNO Boom J8 Launch yesterday, well I’m glad you’re back from underneath the rock from whence you came.  TECNO decided to change the game coming from an era when all TECNO devices shipped with near stock android experience to the HiOS - a UI that embodies simplicity, uniqueness and style, starting with the Boom J8.

Now, besides all the glitz and glamour of the event, most people want to know what exactly went down and what the guests took home with them.

The Boom j8 as you know is TECNO’s sleekest device yet would be running the maiden edition of the HiOS which is TECNO’s own customized User Interface, it’s also a successor to the Boom J7 and an upgrade from last year’s hot cake, Camon C8.

TECNO had 500+ engineers working to make HiOS a huge success and it’s not a surprise to hear about the countless things that you can do with your Boom J8 thanks to the HiOS. The HiOS is superfast and it’s 3000mAh lasts as long as a 5000mAh battery and TECNO Told us why at the launch.

The HiOS is designed to upgrade the performance of TECNO Mobile phones to over 60% of what is presently obtainable. For me, I want to believe this can be a true reflection of the performance of the BOOM J8 after experiencing the phone at the event yesterday.
Even as the tag line for the HiOS is Unique, Easy and Fun. For me as a lover fun, I cannot do but enjoy having this phone with me even though I failed to win one of the phones available during the raffle draw yesterday.
The HiOS truly is uniquely designed with functions that set the smartphone apart from other smartphones. The HiOS was launched yesterday and one of the features that intrigued me at the launch yesterday was the Hi Manager. For me personally, this is revolutionary for the smartphone market. I kept telling myself how a “follow come” application could do so much in a phone. This seemed to me all like a mirage until after I experienced the phone and by extension the application.
After all, the man who introduced this application may not be wrong afterwards, the Hi Manager is the SMARTEST phone manager and trust me, you can take my word for this on this one. While he was trying to talk to the teeming audience about this device and the HiOS, he mentioned just two distinct features of the HiOS that changed my sentiments towards this device and its functionalities. I would just mention the functions of the Hi Manager quickly.
For me, I like to boot my phone without any application preset to boot with it and this application thus allows me to set applications that boot with my smartphone. Surely, the word smart may not just be appropriate for this Hi Manager in this regard. While I am still looking out for another better and more befitting word for this Hi Manager, I would just that intelligence has been taken to another level on this one.
Surely, as a Nigerian who lives in a world where data is not yet cheap, I cannot but love the fact that this application can allow me save my data in a smart way with its Bandwidth Manager feature. This feature allows any user to set how much data he or she wants to use within a particular period and the icing on the cake is that I can set Facebook or all those data swallowing applications not to smell data! Oh my God, this is surely a stress relief if you ask me.
Another part of this event that I enjoyed was the introduction of the camera! For me, I love to always archive events, images and other activities that may serve as a source of inspiration for me sometime later on, being a creative person and for sure, the speed at which my camera open up from the lock screen is one that I hold in high esteem.
I was impressed with the fact that the BOOM J8 has a speed that is 200% higher than most other mobile phones in its range. This for me is lovely. So, the next time I see that adorable pet being walked down the road, the next time I drive past a particular art design on the road, I am rest assured that my camera cannot fail me once I have the BOOM J8 with me.
Another take away for me from the event is the fact that they organizers of the event were bold enough to compare the phone with an Iphone, and not just an Iphone, the Almighty Iphone 6splus, in fact, the comparison was in form of camera angle! For me, I have always been a crusader for the Iphone is best for taking wide angle pictures and I surely had to silently opt out of that crusade after seeing this yesterday. The BOOM J8 has a 77.35% screen proportion, which means it can take wider pictures. This means that for every board meeting we hold and want to capture everyone in the picture, the BOOM J8 is the phone to have for this function.
The BOOM J8 is super slim! Trust me, I love slim phones which are even complemented with beauty and this for me is not disappointing at all.
One final thing that I ensured I took away from yesterday’s event is that the BOOM Player has the largest music resource!
One question I also kept asking about this BOOM Player yesterday was simple: How can my phone in Lagos listen to a radio station in Ibadan? I was astonished when the presenter opened his phone, his BOOM Player and tuned in to a Radio station in Enugu state! This was in amazement of the audience, although I was just there waiting for my own experience of the phone, because, at that point of the event, I was so touched in my spirit that I had ONLY one thing in my mind! How can a music phone be this complete in 2016?
Surely, TECNO Mobile has gotten this right with the TECNO BOOM J8, which was launched yesterday in Lagos. It was a wow experience over all. The reception also complemented for the beautiful device that was presented to the public, You can check out some of the videos HERE, HERE and HERE.


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