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UBER Is Here To Stay

WHAT is uberX?  uberX is a low-cost option that uses the same Uber app to connect you with the most reliable, convenient and affordable ride in Lagos.  A ride that is so fast, so reliable, and so affordable that the need for car ownership in Eko will soon become a thing of the past.  uberX, like UberBlack , allows riders to locate our partner drivers- licensed existing transportation providers/companies, authorized by the local transport authority.  HOW DO I REQUEST   uberX ? Download and Open up your Uber app from Appstore/Windowstore/Google Playstore/ BlackBerryWorld  Sign up with your NairaMaster/Master /Visa debit/credit card  Navigate around your location using pindrop  or tap location finder icon to automatically zoom in on your curent location (Make sure your location is turned on from your phone settings) Tap the “SET PICKUP LOCATION” Tap "Fare Quote" and fill in your destination if you wish to know how much the trip might cost ( you may skip this step