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Supply of Diesel

  MGIG global services is an oil supplying firm. We deal with the supply of AGO( diesel) and LPFO (black oil) to different clients all over Nigeria. We have lots of trunk containing diesel and black oil waiting to be supplied to our old and new clients all over Nigeria. Price for Diesel per litre: #140 cash paid and #145 on credit. Price for the black oil per litre: #100 cash paid and #110 on credit. For further details call: 08061344128 


An increasing number of Nigerians constantly seek to study abroad either to advance their career or fulfill their dreams. But the inabilities to gain admission, visa denial, unreliable consultants etc. remain stumbling blocks which derails their aspiration. This is exactly why you should attend the 2015 International Education Fair, a life-changing opportunity to meet delegates from top universities from the UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and NIGERIA. It is the biggest International Education Fair of the year taking place in 5 Major Cities in Nigeria where you can get ON-THE-SPOT ADMISSION, talk with experienced education counselors, visa counseling, scholarships, affordable study options and much more all for FREE. You also stand a chance to win an Iphone 6, Blackberry Z3 or Infinix Zero when you refer a friend after registering for the event. All you need to do is register and receive your unique ID in your email which you can share on Facebook, Twitter, BB etc with your friends and the


Weeks ago, I was at the cinemas with Enwanta and after a good movie session, I bid her farewell and crossed to the other side for a tricycle ride back to Falolu,

Kano Bomblast

A bomb just went off at the kano Central Mosque, where the Emir of Kano usually leads prayers on Friday. Still unsure as to how many casualties but ChannelsTV sent out this tweet "scores feared dead....". See pics


The essence of this write up might be questioned due to the fact that the office of the First Lady is not recognized in the Federal Government of Nigeria’s constitution. But, first let me inform you of how sacrosanct the office is if occupied by the right person. I won’t be wrong if I say the office of the First Lady is more recognized than the office of the vice president. How many people even know we have a vice president? Can recognize his photograph anywhere?   Yet even a crawling child, a keke napep driver, the old, young, the 9-5 guy knows our Deputy president, rather our First Lady. Thanks to her rib cracking choice of words and her ridiculous dress sense, she’s sadly more popular than the vice president. This happens not just in Nigeria alone; take for example USA, how many of us know who the vice president is? Or even his name? But everyone knows Michelle Obama. This   shows the office of the First Lady must not be under-rated. Now let’s open the book of records f