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A Closer Look at HiOS, TECNO's Customised User Interface

Before now, it was difficult to distinguish TECNO devices from other generic android phones apart from the TECNO's logo because they lack a unique user-interface that is peculiar to TECNO. In this review, I will be looking at the HIOS , features and the ease of customization because these are the features that make your 3000mAh battery last like a 5000mAh battery. Streamlined UI The HiOS is designed with practicality firmly in mind; HiOS' icons are sleek, intuitive and instantly distinguishable. HiOS has a user-interface that has a clean look and it isn’t cluttered in anyway. The lock screen has a minimalist design and the same goes for the home screen. For those who love to customize, there are different themes to choose from and I am sure that new ones will constantly be added. The users will be able to customize the interface to suit their needs. A smarter and faster phone makes our life and business easier. After playing wit