TECNO BOOM J8 camera outperforms Apple’s?

 If you are one who sees the world in colors and pictures, no doubt you’ll pick the smart phone with better optimized camera features over any high-end that shows a downgrade in camera no matter the brand. Lately, smartphone makers in a bid to consolidate and erode the market shares of competitors have been slugging it out on Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology mounted on their smartphones.

OIS enabled cameras has redefined photography with such a great leap in camera advancement only matched by the Pinhole and Polaroid eras.  Gone are the days when Professional photographers could only create masterpieces by setting up hulking camera gears of heavy expensive lenses and DSLRs. A very creative photographer armed with an A-grade smartphone like the new TECNO BOOM J8 can replicate a Mona Lisa moment in just a flick of the camera shutter.

BOOM J8 camera, better than some best
TECNO BOOM J8 has proven it is a heavy weight in music but we wanted to know how good this flagship was in terms of image optimization; faced off with an Apple high-end (model withheld), TECNO BOOM J8 camera impressed without a doubt.

Color balance on BOOM J8

Shoots taken with the BOOM J8 13MP AF back camera produced breathtakingly beautiful pictures with brilliant color balance even when taken against the light source. The BOOM J8’s highly sensitive F2.0 aperture floods its lens with productive light emanating from source in focus and effective cancels out stray light from sources not in focus.

Amazing low light camera on BOOM J8
As if the color balance and light filtering effects of TECNO BOOM J8 camera isn’t stunning enough, this brilliant smart phone flaunts dual super low light cameras and every picture captured in shoots taken from poorly lit areas emerge flawless. The trick is a combination of low light lens technology and the highly optimized image rendering of the new HiOS operating system.


Super-zoom on TECNO BOOM J8

The HiOS’ advanced image rendering upgrades the TECNO BOOM J8’s front and rear cameras so much so it outperforms a high-end smart phone from a top brand at three times (3X) zoom-in ratio. No image distortion, pixilation or detail lost.

Beautification effect on BOOM J8

The pictures speak for themselves; I think TECNO BOOM J8 shows as much high-end optimization in camera as it does for music. If you’re ever in search of an all-purpose budget smartphone, the TECNO BOOM J8 should be your first call. 

Retail price for new the BOOM J8 is N40, 999.99


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