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5 Things I Love About The Infinix S2 Pro X522

So rather than tell you everything there is to know about the Infinix S2 Pro X522, i'm just going to assume that you have already seen the specs in my unboxing post  or one of my comparison videos on youtube . I have used the Infinix S2 Pro for all of 3 weeks and i would like to let you in on some of my favourite features which you may or may not get on other smartphones. The wide angle dual-selfie camera. It isn't far fetched that this is my favorite feature that the Infinix S2 Pro offers because you'd hardly expect a front facing camera this good and this wide to be on an affordable smartphone. What most people do not know is that the Infinix Camera also has the same PRO mode that came with the Infinix Zero 4 Plus . The PRO mode basically lets you change settings like ISO, shutter speed e.t.c. manually. I took the liberty to challenge all of my 78,000 followers on twitter to a wide angle selfie challenge and not one person was able to produce results th