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Benefits of the Cisco, EnVivo Streaming Platform to the Nigerian Entertainment Industry

Creativity pervades the veins of the entertainment industry, recent digital innovations across its various platforms are becoming more and more advanced. From virtual reality headsets in movie theaters, to drone-filmed music videos to live video streaming on mobile devices, you never know what realm you might end up thanks to technology's latest artistic creations.    Companies such as Netflix, Cisco Systems and Apple amongst others, have capitalised on newly emergent innovations early on and now reap first mover benefits. Helping us understand that companies that stick to the old models and ignore what’s happening around them may struggle and fail, arguably meaning that no company is exempt from Darwin’s law of evolution. Today, video consumption is shifting to Internet Protocol (IP) and mobile rather than archaic television. Millennials view 70 percent of their video content online, and it's predicted that by 2020, 82 percent of IP traffic will be video according to Delo

Infinix 1212 Celebration - All about Discounts, Free tickets to Davido’s 30 Billion Concert and Infinix Fans party.

Infinix mobility Nigeria is bringing customers the Biggest 1 day celebration this 2017 ‘The Infinix 1212 Celebration’ The ‘ Infinix 1212 celebration ’ is a yearly event, which takes place on the 12 th of December for Infinix fans and customer as a form of appreciation. Last year, Infinix put together a LIT event in Lagos for fans and customers to mark another successful year in Nigeria. For the first time in the history of Infinix 1212, Infinix is offering a 1-day sale to customers with the celebration. This year’s Infinix 1212 Celebration will be a combination of a Mega party and the discount sale for customers to grab an Infinix device for as low as N30, 000 during the 1 Day celebration. Customers and fans who purchase an Infinix Device on that day at any store offline or Online on Jumia stand a chance to win free tickets to the biggest concert this December ‘Davido 30 Billion concert’ on the 27 th of December. Customers have to buy the Infinix Note 4 pro, Inf