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Consider this before buying your android phone

            If you need an android device, getting a Samsung, HTC, Sony, or LG phone is actually a sensible thing to do. This phones are premium devices that also have special functions that come with them. However if your budget is below 50,000 naira, buying a phone made by any of the manufacturers listed above seems more like a waste. The Samsung Galaxy E5 which retails for about 49,000 naira has a battery power of 2400mah, a 8mp rear facing camera, and 5mp front facing camera. It also has 16GB ROM and 1.5GB RAM. If you are spending almost 50,000 on a phone then you should get more than what this phone is willing to offer. The Samsung grand prime which retails for about 34,000 naira has just 1GB RAM. LG is also similar to Samsung in this regard as its D335 comes with 8GB ROM and 1GB ram and has just 8mp rear facing camera with a battery power of 2540mah.                 In contrast phones like tecno and infinix  are much more affordable and gives you more for your money. The

Don Jazzy's Oh Happy Deals!

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TECNO Phantom 5: Finger-Print Sensor Champion

Ever since the iPhone 5s was launched in sept 2013, I have been secretly craving the fingerprint sensor feature.  It even became more apparent after the samsung s5 joined the fingerprint sensor fam and   around the time the Note 4 rumours started coming in that I knew I had to get myself on that train. Why did I fancy the finger print unlock so much?! Well SECURITY! I mean I'm glued to my phone but not 24/7 so for those times I get to hang out with friends for games or whatever, I  take a pee break and get back only to see my phone being passed around coz of one funny picture or something. More so the 4 digit password and pattern locks aren't fool proof, a peek is all it takes and then anyone could access your private information. Some friends don’t understand the concept of PRIVACY! Why not get the iPhone/Samsung? I would admit, couldn't afford to shell out over N100k Nah, not on my N19,800 a month corper salary as at last year. So my obsession