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Asos Technologies Ltd Opens “MyGiftArena” to Address Gift Voucher Complexities

Asos Technologies Limited (Asos), has launched “MyGiftArena” vouchers, a service that provides hassle free options of giving out gifts. Asos is a renowned indigenous software company notable for addressing complexities and needs of businesses with advanced technology solution to accelerate growth.

MyGiftArena vouchers, the Company said, proffer incredible solutions to whatever gifting challenges loved ones may have, especially during the Yuletide season.

Speaking at the product launch in Lagos, Tolulope Osibote, Product Manager at Asos Technologies Limited, said, “There's no need to guess what loved ones want: with MyGiftArena vouchers, they can choose whatever their heart desires from our enormous selection of vendors. 
Our gift voucher gives your family and friends the opportunity to get what they want. Our numerous vendors ensure that regardless of age, interest, hobbies or desire there is always something to buy”.
According to Tolulope, the platform offers both opened and clo…

Smartphone With The Longest Battery Life At The Most Affordable Price is Coming To Nigeria This Month

A little bird just told me that TECNO is planning to release a smartphone with 5000mAh battery.

I’m not sure it its confirmed to release this year but the code name is L5 and it would run on Android 5.1 Lollipop. It is also equipped with a 4.5” IPS touchscreen. 

It does seem like TECNO is coming for companies like GIONEE but with a 4.5” screen, it’s bound to be even more long lasting, more affordable and portable compard to the bulky Gionee M series which have kept the battery life junkies happy in the past. 

With a form factor like the L5, I’m almost certain you could get 2 to 3 days of usage, no matter what you do with this thing, be it any combination of social media, browsing, gaming, calling, messaging, photo or video capturing, you name it. 

 You can bet TECNO is ready to own the low end smartphone market.

Win A Lenovo YOGA 300 2-in-1 Laptop Today!

Hey Guys, Intel  is giving away a newly launched 2-in-1 laptop to one lucky individual tomorrow.

Here's 3 easy steps on how to WIN the NEW Lenovo YOGA 300.

1. Follow  on twitter watch the video below

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Here is THE VIDEO.

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The winner for the competition would be announced tomorrow as the competition is coming to an end tonight 11:59PM

Go win that Lenovo Yoga 300!!!

Consider this before buying your android phone

If you need an android device, getting a Samsung, HTC, Sony, or LG phone is actually a sensible thing to do. This phones are premium devices that also have special functions that come with them. However if your budget is below 50,000 naira, buying a phone made by any of the manufacturers listed above seems more like a waste. The Samsung Galaxy E5 which retails for about 49,000 naira has a battery power of 2400mah, a 8mp rear facing camera, and 5mp front facing camera. It also has 16GB ROM and 1.5GB RAM. If you are spending almost 50,000 on a phone then you should get more than what this phone is willing to offer. The Samsung grand prime which retails for about 34,000 naira has just 1GB RAM. LG is also similar to Samsung in this regard as its D335 comes with 8GB ROM and 1GB ram and has just 8mp rear facing camera with a battery power of 2540mah.                 In contrast phones like tecno and infinix  are much more affordable and gives you more for your money. The camon …

Don Jazzy's Oh Happy Deals!

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TECNO Phantom 5: Finger-Print Sensor Champion

Ever since the iPhone 5s was launched in sept 2013, I have been secretly craving the fingerprint sensor feature. It even became more apparent after the samsung s5 joined the fingerprint sensor fam andaround the time the Note 4 rumours started coming in that I knew I had to get myself on that train.

Why did I fancy the finger print unlock so much?! Well SECURITY! I mean I'm glued to my phone but not 24/7 so for those times I get to hang out with friends for games or whatever, I  take a pee break and get back only to see my phone being passed around coz of one funny picture or something. More so the 4 digit password and pattern locks aren't fool proof, a peek is all it takes and then anyone could access your private information. Some friends don’t understand the concept of PRIVACY!

Why not get the iPhone/Samsung? I would admit, couldn't afford to shell out over N100k Nah, not on my N19,800 a month corper salary as at last year.
So my obsession grew as I began my search on Aliexpr…

LEAKED PHOTOS: Is Tecno Building A 4G/LTE Android Lollipop Phone?

A leaked image of an unnamed Android device branded by Tecno just got to us. From the looks of it, Tecno is probably still experimenting with the device as it appears to run Vanilla Android – an customized UI version of Android. But if you observe the on-screen icons at the bottom, it is definitely Android Lollipop 5.0.

More photos reveal further details about the device. It features a dual flash camera. From what we gather, similar to the Tecno Boom music phone series, this range is all about camera. Our source on the inside also hints at the possibility of 4G/LTE connectivity support.

From the below, our guess is that it will also feature a 5-inch screen. But like we said before, this is probably only a demo unit, so we can’t be sure. The prospects are exciting and should this phone see the light of day, we can expect to see more of this type of phone from Tecno.

Source :

Nigerian Passport Can Take You To These 44 Countries Without Visa

I was discussing with a friend a few minutes ago about travels and how discouraging it was as a first time traveller to have to go through the hassle of embassy visits and visa processing especially when it's just for a vacation and/or retail shopping. Now if you're free spirited and just looking to travel out of Nigeria to see some new places or you need a quick getaway, you should know that with a Nigerian international passport, you can visit 44 countries around the world VISA FREE or VISA ON ARRIVAL
See the countries below1. Bangladesh (Visa on arrival)2. Barbados ( Visa free for 6 months)3. Benin Republic ( Visa free)4. Burkina Faso ( Visa free)5. Burundi ( Visa on arrival for 30days)6. Cameroon ( Visa free)7. Cape Verde ( Visa on arrival)8. Chad ( Visa free)9. Comoros Island ( Visa on arrival)10. Cote d’ivoire ( Visa free )11. Djibouti ( Visa on arrival )12. Dominican ( Visa free for 21 days )13. Fiji Island ( Visa free for 4 months)14. Gambia ( Visa free for 90days )15. …

Tecno Winpad 10 PC Pre-launch Interview

If like me,  you missed the Tecno WinPad 10 pre-launch interview on Inspiration FM,  you're in luck! I've had a lot of people ask me questions about the Tecno WinPad 10 2in1 tablet / laptop and I'm pretty sure this interview just about covers everything. Like you, a number of curious listeners called in to ask questions that you have been dying to ask.

For the first time (and this can't be understated), Tech giants; Tecno, Intel and Microsoft are collaborating on a product. I listened to Jesse Oguntimehin from Tecno,  Womiloju Olabanji from Intel and Mark Ihimonya from Microsoft workforce gush about the Tecno WinPad 10's 2in1 Tablet/Laptop's capabilities. Who's this amazing device actually for?  It's a flexible device that fits into every lifestyle. A light weight that does the work of a heavy weight. How? Enjoy this amazing 28 minute adventure into the unprecedented and phenomenal collaboration from Tecno, Intel and Microsoft.
Listen on Sound Cloud Radi…

Konga is 3 years today! Enjoy A Month of Deals As Konga Celebrates!

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Enjoy A Month of Deals As Konga Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary! It's the #KongaBIG3 as Nigeria's largest online mall celebrates three years of building a thriving E-commerce ecosystem. We are truly excited and grateful to you our darling customers for all your patronage and support. What better way to express our gratitude than to give you a piece of the action! On this note, we present to you One month of amazing deals across different sales promotions!

Starting today, the 2nd of July 2015, you can enjoy a special deal each day from the marketplace from July 2 to 12. Also experience up to 90 percent discount across all product categories for items purchased between July 13 and 17, and finally, a daily deals promotion which will offer special product deals each day between July 13 and 31.

For today, get 32% off the Samsung Home Theatre - HT-453BK. With less than N40,000 you can own and experience the amazing featu…

Tecno Unveils WinPad 10

Thursday 25th June 2015, Westown Hotel, Ikeja. Tecno Mobile and partners, Intel and Microsoft, launched the WinPad 10. Present at this event are maManagement level staffs of the partner Tech companies and journalist from various media houses and online platforms. were present at this event. The media launch was flanked by members of the media from various TV and radio stations, bloggers and  and newspaper houses, Ras representatives from Tecno Mobile Nigeria, Intel and Microsoft answered questions from newsmen in relation to Tecno's latest device, the WinPad 10.  The WinPad 10 is a double function ultra slim device, which can serve as a tablet and a laptop as it has a detachable keyboard. ItThe Tecno WinPad 10 is powered by Intel's Atom Z3735 processor and supports Windows 8.1 at launch.
At the event, Mr. Attai Oguche of Tecno Mobile Nigeria in an opening speech, stated that the device is a device for everyone, " it would change how people work and access personal…

#SheWillConnect – Award Winning Poet, Titilope Sonuga, is Intel(R) Spokesperson for 2015

After performing her thought-provoking and stirring poem at the swearing-in of President Muhammadu Buharion May 29, 2015; a historic moment for the country and the first time a poet had ever been invited to perform at a Nigerian inauguration ceremony, Titilope Sonuga achieves another first.  She has been named the first Intel® She Will Connect spokesperson in Nigeria.

Intel® She Will Connect is an initiative of Intel Corporation to bridge the Internet's gender gap by connecting millions of girls and women to opportunities through technology. By partnering with various female focused NGOs across the continent, its goal is to reach 5 million young women in Africa by 2020.
The program offers an innovative combination of digital literacy training, an online peer network and gender-relevant content to females which will afford them the opportunity of acquiring or improving their digital literacy skills and expanding their understanding and use of technology.
Titilope Sonuga is an awar…

HD Photos Of The Tecno Winpad 10, Specifications and Price

Tecno Winpad 10 Specificaions Processor: 1.8Ghz Octa-core Intel Atom Z3735 RAM: 2GB ROM: 32GB External Storage: Yes. Supports up to 64GB Micro SD card 3G: Yes HDMI: Micro HDMI Camera: 2MP Front cam and 5MP Rear Cam Keyboard: Detachable Battery: 7000mah Price of Tecno WinPad 10 The Tecno Winpad 10 is currently selling for 57000 Naira in Slots. But it is not yet available on our online retail stores. We will keep you updated once it is available.

Tecno to Launch New Windows Tablet, the WinPad 10

There are quite a number of low cost Windows 8/8.1 out in the market. These range from 7 inchers to 8 inchers and in some rare cases 10 inchers. Microsoft doesn't charge those who are bundling Windows on devices below 9 inches so that has been an interesting proposition for most OEMs and other Microsoft partners. Like the first Windows 8.1 tablet from Lenovo we were drooling over some time back. What we have not seen however is an explosion of such budget Windows tablets in the African market or even their popularity surging. That could change when one of the biggest brands in mobile in Africa today, Tecno, unveils its new WinPad tablet running Windows 8.1. Tecno has turned heads in the African market where it operates at the moment. With a factory to churn out its devices in Ethiopia, the company is widely popular in the Kenyan and Nigerian markets. It is in the latter market where the WinPad 10 is launching in the next two days with Kenya and a few other African countries being…

Tecno Invades Abuja With The Boom Box and Kiss Daniels

It's going to be epic, unbeatable and unforgettable .Yes! It's the most anticipated campus party of the year—the Tecno Boom Party!

Tecno is invading Abuja with the new Tecno Boom J7 and it's going to be live at the University of Abuja Gwagwalada campus on Thursday 18th June, 2015, with lots of star prizes and freebies to be won!
And that's not all!

Guess what! You won't be leaving with whom you came with, because you would be leaving with your homeboy KISS DANIELS! Tecno invading Abuja live with the Tecno Boom Box #ItsBoomTime.
The Lagos boom party was awesome, but the Abuja boom party would be an EPIC invasion. Don't be told, be there to witness history! 

You can share your thoughts, Comments and pictures with the harsh tag #ItsBoomTime to Win Tickets and Party Hard with @kissdaniels

BOOM J7: Best Music Phone ever
TECNO Mobile's idea of a holistic mobile entertainment is captured on the BOOM J7 pre-installed music app jam-packed with local and internatio…

8 Amazing Things Your Tablet Can Do

Do I need a Tablet? Frankly, if you’re one of those who have asked that question you wouldn’t be lame to have thought about it, no. In fact, one can do things so amazing with smart phones these days that one has to wonder “Who needs a Tablet?” But the thing is, you cannot swap a Tablet for any smart phone especially if a “Portable PC” in any regard is what you’re looking for. Here’s why. E-reading better on Tabs You just can’t ignore it; Tablets have larger and more immersive display screens. Take for instance, the 8.0” Touch screen of the DroiPad8is twice the screen size of your iPhone 4;the screen size and high image definition of Tablets clearly bring the letters in your e-documents to life. That means you can enjoy reading your daily e-news, e-books, blog posts and documents from your Tablet without having to squint while you read. Who says screen size does not matter? Work from anywhere As smart as your mobile phone may be, you just can’t do your regular office work from your mobile …

Tecno Boom J7 First Impressions

Hey guys, So the generous guys from Tecno thought it wise to consult my "expert" opinion on how they could reach you, the target market. I received a phone from Tecno at about 3pm yesterday and now I'm going to try to arrange my first thoughts and what I have observed within the first 24hours of using their latest midrange Smartphone, the Tecno Boom J7

Upon unboxing, I noticed that Tecno has taken a different approach with the color of its casing as it differs from that of its 2013 flagship, the Phantom A+, that I purchased way back when. The A+'s case was basically Blue and quite playful whereas the Boom J7's box is white and Black with music related artwork, which could mean that the J7 primarily caters to the music lovers. Inside the box, you have your Smart phone, a premium headset, 2 plastic protective cases(without a leather flip), A charger, the Battery and some literature booklets. The spec summary;  5.0" touchscreen display at 720 X 1280p (~294pp…