Letter To My Unborn Daughter(s)

Dear (anything your handsome father and I decide to call you),
First of all,I'd like to be the first definition of a best friend in your life,before any one else.Lest I forget, I have a picture of what you'll look like already in my head.You are going to be a little light in complexion,you must have dimples(whether artificial or natural),you will be extremely smart and intelligent(trust me on that).I think thats all I want you to inherit from me,you'll get the rest from your father.You are going to have the best hairstyles on,every week,proudly made by me;wear the best of clothes,sewn by me,just to show how talented your mama is.Mama is going to be a little strict sometimes,you might dislike me for this,but later in life you'll get to understand why.Trust me I'm going to be sweet at the same time(I told you we are going to be best of friends,remember?).

 As you grow older(before you become a teen),men will begin to notice your beauty.Do not fret.It's normal.They will say all sort of words to entice you.What are words anyways?-"just a combination of letters" ,ignore them.As you gracefully mature into your teen years,a lot of scary things will be going on in your body.You know those tiny buttons on your chest? They will blossom into balloons. You will be shy of it at first,but as time goes on,you'll get used to it.You will also start bleeding from beneath,might come with severe pains tho. Once again - do not fret,its normal!. Due to these physical developments,more boys will get attracted to you. At this point,you'll start developing feelings.You'll start smiling at the mere thought of a boy.You'll start having unreasoning love/attraction for this particular boy.Never confuse it with true love.Many will deceive you,telling you what they have for you is true love,in fact compose beautiful text messages just to make you believe them.Just have it at the back of your mind that its not true.Some are just after your goodies,some just want to show you off to their friends as their babe,some are innocent,experiencing the same unreasoning love you feel.Its all part of adolescence.

During your teenage years,you will have the urge to experiment things.You feel you are old enough now.You'll see kids of your age doing things adults do.Peer pressure is inevitable.But....you have a choice to do either 'good' or 'bad'.I'll advice and plead with you to do good.'Good' may be boring. In fact it is really boring.You just have to endure.("for whatsoever you sow,you shall reap likewise"). Also know if you out of stubornness and self will decide to choose 'bad'.There are consequences.Some leave irreversible scars in your life,while some some can be reversed when you've realized the 'bad' way doesn't pay.Just know this also-Na the bad way sweet pass,in fact it is FUN,its okay to be tempted,but remember,there are consequences.

 Above all,be God-minded.Without Him you are nothing. In fact you need Him,if you wanna be a 'good' girl.Many will mock you,don't feel bad,just know you are on the right path.

PS-I promise to be a very good mother,guide and guard you to the best of my ability with God's help(Amen).

Your Mom,



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