Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has been in existence for a while. It seems to be one of the cheapest ways to track your steps and read your heart rate which is why i've decided to publish this review after 3+ months of use.
Upon unboxing, you’re greeted with the device itself and then you have the strap underneath. Also included is the USB cable for charging the Mi band 2. No charger however.

The mi band 2 uses an OLED display which makes it easy to see the information on it indoors and outdoors. It was said to be resistant to scratches and fingerprint, however, mine has gotten quite a few scratch marks but nothing unsightly. The strap has a nice rubbery texture that fits snuggly around my wrist and it’s adjustable to a fair degree. The strap definitely scratch resistant.

You turn it on by charging it and then you press the touch sensitive button to turn it on. It shows you 3 information by default, the time, your heart rate and the battery but you can obviously add more options.

Syncing the Mi …

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X vs TECNO Camon CX Camera Comparison

I got a lot of requests to make this video so here goes the comparison everyone has been asking for.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X vs  TECNO Camon CX camera comparison.

In the photo samples, the Camon CX is the clear winner but which one do you think came out on top in the video?

While TECNO Camon CX can be picked up in any local store or on Jumia, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X has to be shipped from a vendor on Gearbest.

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Valid until 30th Apr. 2018

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Review 1 Year Later - Should You Buy It In 2018?

This video review above is for people contemplating buying the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X in 2018.

Here's a summary.

Yes you should buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X in 2018 and here's why;

1. The specs, Snapdragon 625 CPU + Adreno 506 GPU is very efficient, Xiaomi even released it's successor the Redmi 5 Plus(Note 5) in 2018 with the same processor(although people frowned at it)

2. Battery life. This phone is so thin so it's still a mystery how they managed to fit 4100mAh into such a slim device. It also lasts a really really long time. Check out my SOT screenshot and the amount of gaming i did on it.

3. Build quality. The aluminum body of the Redmi Note 4X looks and feels like a high end device in 2018.

4. Price. Name another device with these specs that come at the price you're getting the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X (N60,000), I would wait.
I had this shipped to my doorstep through African Express on Gearbest via this vendor HERE. It took 24 days.
Enjoy 7% off for all Gearbest produc…

TOP 5 Smartphones With Dual Rear Camera And Trendy Look Price Under $80

These are the top picks of affordable smartphones with dual cameras and trendy look from Gearbest based on popular demand.

1) LEAGOO M9 (5.5" Display 4-Cameras, and Android 7.0) @ $78.99
LEAGOO M9 as a phablet built on a mobile computing platform. 5.5 inch IPS display screen supports 5 points touch which makes you enjoy the video clearer. Android 7.0 OS detailed with Quad-core processor makes you play games and watch the video more smoothly. 2850mAh battery with 8.0MP + 2.0MP dual rear cameras and 5.0MP + 2.0MP dual front cameras features durable and vivid images. With the elegant appearance, it will attract a lot of eyeball attention.


2) AllCall Madrid 4G ( 5.5" Display Android 7.0 and Dual Rear camera ) @ $79.99 
AllCall Madrid is a cost-effective phablet that comes with 2.0MP + 8.0MP dual cameras make images clear and vivid and is equipped with Android 7.0 OS that you can play games faster. It comes with most of the…

Benefits of the Cisco, EnVivo Streaming Platform to the Nigerian Entertainment Industry

Creativity pervades the veins of the entertainment industry, recent digital innovations across its various platforms are becoming more and more advanced. From virtual reality headsets in movie theaters, to drone-filmed music videos to live video streaming on mobile devices, you never know what realm you might end up thanks to technology's latest artistic creations.

Companies such as Netflix, Cisco Systems and Apple amongst others, have capitalised on newly emergent innovations early on and now reap first mover benefits. Helping us understand that companies that stick to the old models and ignore what’s happening around them may struggle and fail, arguably meaning that no company is exempt from Darwin’s law of evolution. Today, video consumption is shifting to Internet Protocol (IP) and mobile rather than archaic television. Millennials view 70 percent of their video content online, and it's predicted that by 2020, 82 percent of IP traffic will be video according to Deloitte 2015

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