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In light of Nigeria’s recession, a lot of people are looking for good-looking ,durable, low priced and efficient smartphones that wouldn’t break the bank. The Infinix Note 3 X601 is just that. 

Now you reckon i have been using the Infinix Note 3 for over a month and i have gotten really comfortable with the form factor which anyone could expect from a 6-inch screen phablet device. Yes, the Note 3 is a phablet, however, its thin bezels may have you fooled into thinking it’s just a 5.5 inch phone because it fits into your hand more just as easy.  The Note 3  features a finger print sensor at the back and you can watch my unboxing video to see the improvements of the Infinix Note 3 over the Note 2.

The Note 3 is also very hard to drop accidentally because it is not slippery at all. The third party cases are also readily available in the market and i bought a clear rubber case just to protect the shiny body after 1 month without scratches….what can i say, i’m a careful chap.

The front facing screen is an LCD IPS full HD display in 1080P. This just means it’s really bright and the colors are punchy. A lot of people argue that any higher pixel count after a 1080P display cannot be discerned by the human eye.

The 13MP camera of at the back is really neat for high quality shots.  See photos shot with the Infinix Note 3 below.

The Octacore processor on the Note 3 is more than capable of handling every app on the android playstore that you throw at it. What do i mean by more than capable? I mean, it doesn’t lag in any way, form or kind. I breezed through all kinds of apps in my day-to-day usage and i haven’t had any stutter or lag. I think in the end, we all want a trusted companion more than any unfinished cutting edge.  The Note 3 is running the Android Marshmallow 6.0 with Infinix XOS UI slapped on it.

I cannot wait to jump into the good stuff, the battery life. The Note 3 carries a hefty 4500mAh battery. The Infinix Note 3 is said to last up to 200mins of talk time with just 5mins of charge and people have put that to the test in other reviews and found this to be true. I cannot engage in a 200min phone call so i put the phone through my own heavy testing.

My daily usage of the Infinix Note 3 is basically Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, streaming videos on youtube, surfing the web and gaming.  The Note 3 easily lasts me 2 whole days doing all of these and amazingly has so much juice to spare that it has me wondering whether to charge or push it to its limits. Now, my usage may differ from yours but it is heavy because not a lot of activities drain any battery as fast as gaming, you can ask any gamer. 

I have released 2 gaming reviews for those gamers out there who wish to see how well the games run on the Infinix Note 3.

A lot could be said about this 6-inch phablet but the most important thing is that it is the device that could eliminate those long days that you wished for a miracle socket to power your dear smartphone. No more long days, just keep talking. I have to say that after being spoiled by the beastly battery of the Note 3, i'm slowly withdrawing from regular sized phones with regular battery capacities which is something i never expected.


It has only been 2 months since Infinix launched her new XOS UI for its new line of Infinix smartphones. Infinix pushed out updates to the Note 3 X601 barely one month after its official launch. 


Shortly after, infinix pushed a more extensive update to the Infinix Hot S. Some infinix users have taken to twitter to express their joy. 

This is good news to all infinix fan boys and girls because speedy updates are what you'd expect from the latest crop of Infinix phones. 

Upgrades usually come with a variety of bug fixes and cool features that you may have missed, however, I haven't experienced any bug with the old or new software version. If you're using any of these devices, you should have gotten a prompt for it but just in case you ignored it and you wish to update later, Check Settings > About > System update.

Popular phone retail company 3C HUB is at it again. We have reliably gathered that 3CHUB would be having a massive promo to celebrate Nigeria's independence day.

The activity which is been labeled 3C HUB Sales Promo would be running until 8th of October 2016. Customers can win a TV, pressing iron, and electric kettle.

3C HUB is in Nigeria to stay. The rate at which 3C HUB new outlets has been springing up all over the country speaks of a company that is ready to stay in the Nigerian market and probably own the market.
From what we have observed they are not only here to stay but they also have their customers in mind by providing a very conducive place to shop, lowest prices in the country as well as a very good after sales service. Currently, they are running a promo for independence day and according to their Facebook page, there would be discounts on selected devices as well as a chance for customers to win a 32 inch LED TV, electric kettle and a pressing iron.

If you need the best deal for your next smartphone, visit the nearest 3C HUB outlet to you.
Do you need a new phone? Do you want to get it at the best price? Do you want a guarantee of the best after-sales policy for the device? If your answer is yes to all of the above, look no further than 3CHUB.
They offer the very best deal as well as quality services in a very conducive environment. When next you pass by any 3C HUB outlet, do well to go in and see for yourself the true meaning of quality and affordable service.

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